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We went to Richard Leigh’s magic show and were blown away. It’s not your typical trick-trick-trick show. Richard is a theatrical storyteller who uses magic to bring his engaging stories to life in a show that feels like a great movie. Add audience interaction, a wide variety of illusions and mentalism and elegant audience interaction to it and you’ll end up with an immersive experience that will linger on for a long time in a very positive way.

George Parker. International Speaker.


Richard Leigh is a kind soul I have known for many years. He is both a colleague and a personal friend.
The more I have gotten to know Richard, the deeper I have been able to appreciate his incredible mind. 
He’s a dedicated innovator in the world of magic, and his performances are always fresh, motivating and deliciously artistic. What I admire so much is how Richard’s creativity extends beyond just his magical performances. He’s also an incredibly talented impresario, writer, prop-builder, visual artist and lighting expert. His rich experience in theatre affords him an uncanny ability to create experiences that audiences actually care about. And he does all of these wonderful things with love, passion and kindness.

Julian James. Magician, Author and Speaker.

Cruise Ship Testimonial

Richard Leigh was employed onboard MV Bolero from November 26th, 1997 to April 20th, 1998. In this position as Magician/Entertainment Manager he participated in virtually every show presented onboard, as well as being wonderful as a manager.

Richard is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. This professionalism, thoroughness and dedication set a fine example for the rest of the team. It was by means of his example that the Bolero had the most dedicated entertainment team I have ever worked with.

Kim Scott, Cruise Director.

Critics Choice Review

‘All the magic is astounding but the are two tricks which simply defy belief – one with words, one with numbers. Take the whole family to witness and ponder in amazement, like we did. Do not miss this show’.

FIVE STARS – Jane McDowell for remotegoat.

Entertainment Agent Testimonial

It was a great pleasure to see you at the Babbacombe Theatre a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to congratulate you on your performance and I was particularly impressed with your presentation of that old favourite “The Sub Trunk”. As an agent and a long-standing member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, I have seen this effect more times than I care to remember. It was a refreshing change to see your novel and original presentation of it and without doubt yours is the fastest substitution I have ever seen.

Trevor George, Trevor George Entertainments (UK)

Magic Testimonial

‘As an experienced magician, it’s rare a magic trick fools me badly. Richard Leigh’s masterpiece is where he has an audience member tie his thumbs securely together, creating a handcuff-esque situation; his arms and hands forming a secure, impenetrable loop. Despite this, objects and even people magically pass through this enclosed circle! There are many ways to magically make this happen, yet Richard’s performance floored me! There was simply ‘no way’ – not even a magical one – that I could fathom and so he left me in that rare state; one of wonder. Priceless and forever memorable.’

Jay Fortune. Author, Artist and Magician.

Audience Reviews

The Magic Cavern is a very special place ! Hidden away under a gastro pub in a backstreet of Barrons Court. Very small and very intimate, your right on top of the magic.This is the second performance Ive seen and the magician , Mr Leigh , was amazing. The final trick really blew me away and I am still thinking about it today !! Suitable for children and adults alike, this place is a real hidden gem

Patrick Johnson.     4 stars    (4/5)


This is the second time that I have seen this marvellous magic show, firstly with a friend a few months ago and yesterday with a family group. We are all truly amazed at the skill of the magician – there are tricks to delight and astound the audience. Lots of fun for adults and children alike – highly recommended for a great afternoon out!

Sarah Greaves.    5 stars   (5/5)


If you want to spend a cold Sunday afternoon being entertained, go and see this show. Most of the tricks were very good and the big trick at the end was unbelievable!!! My 12 year old nephew went straight home to research the tiricks. He loved the show. 

Hilary Palmer.    4 stars  (4/5)


The show is amazing. The magician’s tricks are so brilliant you’d expect to see this level of skill on television but the atmosphere in the cave-like cellar is far more exciting, as is seeing the magic so close. My children loved the show and so did the adults in our party and we all plan to go back again! Highly recommended. It’s also worth mentioning that the pub is lovely – we stayed on for drinks and a snack after the performance.

Ruth Javobs.   5 stars  (5/5)


 What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Still trying to work out how the tricks are done and lovely to watch the childrens’ faces being amazed by what’s happening in front of them. A great little atmospheric venue. Absolutely recommend this show! The other plus side is the bar upstairs, lovely food.

Angelina Baker.   5 stars  (5/5)


I took my son to see this show which fascinated the children as well as adults present in the audience. There was a group of children there celebrating a friend’s birthday and the magician ensured that all the children (and most adults too) were chosen to participate/help. The tricks were mind-boggling (and I have been to many magic shows) and was particularly impressed with the the magician’s talent with numbers. Amazing stuff!

Shirlene Cohen.   5 stars  (5/5)

Airbb Review (4.82/5)

August 2019. Kyllian.
It was a perfect experience. Wonderful, Amazing. Without restriction, I highly recommend Richard and the magic cavern. Thank you again for this perfect moment for my birthday.


August 2019. Aurely.
This was an absolutely amazing experience that no one should miss. If you love magic and want to see beautiful magic, then book his show right away. Richard was insanely nice and we could really feel his passion through the whole show. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

Google Review (5 stars)

Gwénaëlle Boissel3

Las Vegas quality magic show – Great time for all ages. Absolutely fantastic tricks ! Simply mind-bluffing! Quality family time show. Highly recommend to all magic lovers.

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