Magic and Illusion Consultancy.

With 36 years of experience presenting and creating hand built painted Circus and fairground themed shows around the globe for my own productions I am excited to offer my skills for consultancy, teaching and creating routines with circus acts and performers.

To promote the use of magic and illusion within the circus industry.

Richard Leigh

I have existing content for illusions for ensemble pieces. Solo or double acts looking for something different for the second or third act within their repertoire. Tented Side Shows, Attractions and Family Magic Shows for additional income ideas.

Consultancy for your ideas.

New for the 2024 seasons

‘The Fastest Mathematician’ – by Richard Leigh. First time in Circus. It’s fun, fast, and an absolute mind bending piece of theatrical magic. A really strong magical story. 12 minute routine. Presented by Richard Leigh or taught by Richard to a circus performer who uses patter. All props, permission and tuition given for the season.

‘Roll Up Roll Up’ … The shows and content on this website are potentially available to bring to the circus. Either presented by myself or taught.

Open to conversation, just nudge me away from the paintbrush.

Contact Richard

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