Welcome to the Magic Theatre

I am always seeking the most unusual or unused space to transform into a ‘Theatre of Magic’ and present all of the content on this website into a season of magic. To attract creative people to work with on this ongoing project and life times work. Especially if this helps promote the seaside resort industry and the reinvention of the ‘End of the Pier’ attractions of which I am very passionate about.

Richard Leigh

The content of ‘The Magic Theatre’ is taken from the ever increasing choice of my family friendly full shows, attractions, exhibitions and sideshows. All themed on the Seaside. I present all shows and attractions.

I have personally presented this ‘Theatre of Magic’ format in a cellar, dungeon fringe theatre in the basement of a pub, transformed and scheduled into the above description in London for a 22 year consecutive run and am now so looking forward to the next unusual space to do it all over again and again.

The project needs your walls and enthusiasm.
The more unusual the better. The more inventive the better.

There is a huge amount of joy beyond that paint and glitter as soon as you add people.

’Welcome to the Magic Theatre’

Taking ideas now for future seasons.

Contact Richard

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