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Richard Leigh

Richard is a solo theatre magician and has over 9 hours of magic routines to offer the cruise ship fraternity ranging from 12 minute slots, 30 minute slots and full headline shows of 80 minutes as described within the pages of this website.

A variety of routines and shows which are with or without patter (English) and are suitable for all ages. A perfect family entertainer with huge knowledge and passion for magic and variety of the golden era and presented with the emphasis on fun.

From theatre headline show, cabaret shows, deck games, and close up events on board to working with your creatives to seamlessly use my themed routines within your future onboard production shows, either presented by myself or taught personally for existing Magical or speciality artistes known to your cruise company or presented by dancers or circus acts within your company.

Headline Magic Shows

Choose from any or all of the 6 x 80 minute Headline Magic shows for your theatre. Presented by myself, Richard Leigh.

‘The Magic Cavern’
– 80 minutes

‘The Magic Toy Theatre and Orchestra – 80 minutes

‘The Fun Fair at the Magic Theatre’ – 80 minutes

‘The Side Shows of Wonder’ – 80 minutes

‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’ – 80 minutes

‘The Superstitious Magic Show’ – 80 minutes

Deck games and attractions

All the routines within ‘The Fun Fair at the Magic Theatre’ together with the exhibits within ‘The Side Shows of Wonder’ can be used as deck games and attractions for your outdoor events and celebrations. These are offered as pieces of magic which include all props, tables, banners and headers to present these outdoors, but should tents, sheltered spaces and ropes be required for customers comfort, then let’s look at the environment and see what extra is required to present these fun games, which all have magical twists along the way. Presented by myself Richard Leigh, or again taught to onboard entertainments and staff.

Magical scenes within your onboard Production shows

I create every aspect of my work and I am open and excited about offering my routines/shows on loan to existing artistes known to the cruise ships/bookers and to personally teach these routines as additional spots to suitable artistes in current engagements.

Or working with your creatives behind your future or existing production shows on board to use my unusual props, and pieces of magic within shows, taught by me and presented by dancers, circus performers or fellow magicians.

I paint and create each piece, and so if one of my creations doesn’t quite fit the theme or story, then the paint brush can instantly come back into play.

Magic Cabaret

I have created what I call a ‘suitcase show’ (2 large to be precise) which includes all tables, props, stands, costumes etc for a fly back scenario. The magical content of this 80 minute Cabaret or any combination of 12 minute spots gives a taste of two routines from each of my full headline shows. Presented by myself Richard Leigh. These routines within the Cabaret do repeat content within the full shows if all are used in the contract, or again, as all is modular, if one or two full shows are taken, then the content of the Cabaret show changes to not repeat material. Or … can be used a a taster for the headline shows later on in the cruise. Everything I present is modular and totally open to creative input and use. I have many more stories to tell and are being created as you read.

Magical Exhibitions

As an added attraction to any of my shows I have an ever changing variety of timed walk around shows with myself as the curator and presenter of art, props and side show features. These events are better suited to smaller numbers and are easily presented many times per day or throughout the duration of the cruise.

‘The Magical Hats Exhibition’ – A walk around exhibition of hats with a magical theme and hosted and narrated by the magician. 30 minutes.

‘The Magic Art Gallery’ – walk around and at certain times I am available to paint ‘live’ whatever poster or piece of art I am currently working on.

‘The Side Shows of Wonder’ – also works wonderfully with small numbers of guests each walking around the exhibits with the magician as the host. 30 minutes.

Taking engagements now. Please do enquire for availability.

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