Richard Leigh 

Richard Leigh is a magician and creator of themed magic shows, talks, side shows and magical exhibitions for theatre and circus on land and at sea, using his skills as an artist, sculptor and bespoke prop maker to create some highly original work.

As an artist Richard paints with themes of the British Seaside which includes fairgrounds, end of the pier theatres, promenades and circuses of yesteryear. All promotion for all shows are hand painted pieces of work. All scenic cloths, set and  props are canvasses for Richard’s intricate art.

Richard has presented his magic for over 37 years, with the first 15 years working worldwide on cruise ships, cabaret, and end of the pier summer seasons. Then between 2000 and 2020 in residency in two London theatres with ‘The Magic Cavern’ and ‘Welcome to the Magic Theatre’ projects. The pandemic years were spent back in the workshops creating all the projects that time did not allow.


‘The Magic Cavern’

‘The Magic Toy Theatre

and Orchestra’

‘The Fun Fair at The Magic Theatre’

‘The Side Shows of Wonder’

‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’


‘The Superstitious Magic Show’

‘The Magic Art Gallery





Richard Leigh. 6 different theatre shows of 80 minutes each, 1 art gallery, 6 talks of 45 minutes each. Numerous routines and props to work with Circus acts. Magical advising for Circus and Variety Theatre. All themed around The British Seaside from yesteryear. 

‘Welcome to The Magic Theatre’

For all enquiries Contact Richard 

For ongoing insights into my props and artwork both old and new please do follow my work on Instagram. Welcome-to-the-Magic-Theatre. 


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