‘The Magic Cavern’


This family friendly interactive parlour style magic show set within a fantasy cave ran for 1212 performances in London at the Barons Court Theatre. 

Celebrated as London’s long running theatrical magic show.

You won’t believe your eyes as you witness the seemingly impossible. Wherever you sit in this atmospheric theatre show you are only a few feet away from the magic which happens literally under your very eyes.

This show is interactive and suitable for all the family. (6 years to 106)

For birthdays or other celebrations of any age, should you wish to nominate someone in your group to help with one of the many effects in the show or would simply like a mention then please give names to the box office when you arrive.

A traditional show of mystery from the golden age of magic. 

Duration: Theatre: 80 minutes. There is no interval.
Or split into modular 12 minute scenes for cruise ship contracts.


5 Stars on Google, 

4.8 on Airbnb Experiences.


‘All the magic is astounding but the are two tricks which simply defy belief – one with words, one with numbers. Take the whole family to witness and ponder in amazement, like we did. Do not miss this show’.

FIVE STARS – Jane McDowell for remotegoat.

‘If you were amazed by Darcy Oake’s random audience member numbers matching his credit card digits on ITV earlier tonight, then maybe a visit to The Magic Cavern is due. The longest running magic show in London sees Richard Leigh conjure up an even more mind baffling numbers trick in an impossible finale every Sunday Afternoon at Baron’s Court Theatre, downstairs at The Curtains Up pub.’

The Lost Review – Nic Bennett


On our Facebook page.

Just left the 2pm show and still slightly in shock as to how incredible the magic and Richard is! By far the best afternoon we have had as a family for for a long while. My husband, l and both children (10 and 7) are big fans and we will recommend you to everyone we know! Thank you Richard – you are a wizard!.

Nidhi ( Ealing)


“ … Very small theatre and incredibly approachable magician meant my son had an amazingly memorable show! Thoroughly recommended!”

Avi S     5 stars   (5/5)

The Magic Cavern is a very special place ! Hidden away under a gastro pub in a backstreet of Barrons Court. Very small and very intimate, your right on top of the magic.This is the second performance Ive seen and the magician , Mr Leigh , was amazing. The final trick really blew me away and I am still thinking about it today !! Suitable for children and adults alike, this place is a real hidden gem

Patrick Johnson.     4 stars    (4/5)

This is the second time that I have seen this marvellous magic show, firstly with a friend a few months ago and yesterday with a family group. We are all truly amazed at the skill of the magician – there are tricks to delight and astound the audience. Lots of fun for adults and children alike – highly recommended for a great afternoon out!

Sarah Greaves.    5 stars   (5/5)

If you want to spend a cold Sunday afternoon being entertained, go and see this show. Most of the tricks were very good and the big trick at the end was unbelievable!!! My 12 year old nephew went straight home to research the tiricks. He loved the show. 

Hilary Palmer.    4 stars  (4/5)

The show is amazing. The magician’s tricks are so brilliant you’d expect to see this level of skill on television but the atmosphere in the cave-like cellar is far more exciting, as is seeing the magic so close. My children loved the show and so did the adults in our party and we all plan to go back again! Highly recommended. It’s also worth mentioning that the pub is lovely – we stayed on for drinks and a snack after the performance.

Ruth Javobs.   5 stars  (5/5)

 What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Still trying to work out how the tricks are done and lovely to watch the childrens’ faces being amazed by what’s happening in front of them. A great little atmospheric venue. Absolutely recommend this show! The other plus side is the bar upstairs, lovely food.

Angelina Baker.   5 stars  (5/5)

I took my son to see this show which fascinated the children as well as adults present in the audience. There was a group of children there celebrating a friend’s birthday and the magician ensured that all the children (and most adults too) were chosen to participate/help. The tricks were mind-boggling (and I have been to many magic shows) and was particularly impressed with the the magician’s talent with numbers. Amazing stuff!

Shirlene Cohen.   5 stars  (5/5)


A card trick … those are the rules …
‘Dust’ (Photo courtesy of www.sometingdifferent.london)
The stage is set for another performance of ‘The Magic Cavern’
’The Thumb Tie’
‘The Seasons’ routine … in full flow

Water into Ice
Quiet …. for once
‘The Volcano’ routine
Audience banter
‘The Cup and ball’ routine

Taking applause
Audience members help with the tying process of ‘The Thumb Tie’
Solid rings examined for ‘The Thumb Tie’ routine in mid flow
Guests really do participate in the magic should they so wish.
‘The Thumb Tie’
Words, numbers, pictures and drawings
The Magic Square
Another deeper area of the set of ‘The Magic Cavern’ to explore
Even deeper
An attentive audience
The space before the transformation
Three hours later, the transformation complete and another presentation of ‘The Magic Cavern’ is set for the arrival of my guests.
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