Richard Leigh 

Richard Leigh is a magician and creator of theatrical magic shows, using his skills as an artist, sculpter and bespoke prop maker to create some highly original work.

As an artist Richard paints with themes of the below production titles. All promotion for all shows are hand painted pieces of work. All scenic cloths, set and  props are canvasses for Richards intricate art.

No audiences at the moment and so in the meanwhile,  it’s drinking tea, listening to classical music for relaxation and inspiration and back to the paintbrush.  Take care. X


Until it is safe for our audiences to return then a ‘ghost light’ remains on at ‘The Magic Theatre’

Keeping myself well and truly occupied to good use. Work in progress:

‘Welcome to the Magic Theatre’

Encapsulating everything GREAT about the British Seaside and the Family End of the Pier theatre concept.

All shows are predominately one man shows and run at either 75 minutes without an interval or 2 x 40 minutes with an interval.

Transforming an existing or unused venue on the end of the pier for seasonal engagements with the full repertoire in an ever changing schedule from the variety of shows below.

Or bring the ‘seaside’ feel good factor to any venue at any time of the year through the magic of theatre.

Schedule changing, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, depending on the length of the run.

‘Welcome To The Magic Theatre’

Magic shows to choose from:

 ‘The Magic Cavern’

The Magic Symphony’

‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’

 ‘Cave 13 – The Superstitious Magic Show’

 ‘The Fun Fair at The Magic Theatre’

 ‘The Side Shows of Wonder

Exhibitions. Art and props on display. Free traditional games and puzzles to play.

“The Magical Hats Exhibition”


Richard Leigh

For his performances Richard has achieved:

5 STARS with Google

“Las Vegas quality magic show – Great time for all ages !  Simply mind – bluffing. Quality family time show. Highly recommend to all magic lovers.

4.82/5 with Airbnb Experiences

”This was an absolutely amazing experience that no one should miss. If you love magic and want to see beautiful magic, then book his show right away. Richard was insanely nice and we could really feel his passion through the whole show. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!.

 5 and 4 stars from audience members.

“Just left the 2pm show and still slightly in shock as to how incredible the magic and Richard is! By far the best afternoon we have had as a family for for a long while. My husband, l and both children (10 and 7) are big fans and we will recommend you to everyone we know! Thank you Richard – you are a wizard!”

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