Richard Leigh 

Richard Leigh is a magician and creator of themed theatrical magic shows, side shows and magical exhibitions using his skills as an artist, sculpter and bespoke prop maker to create some highly original work.

As an artist Richard paints with themes of the British Seaside which includes fairgrounds, end of the pier theatres, promenades and circuses of yesteryear. All promotion for all shows are hand painted pieces of work. All scenic cloths, set and  props are canvasses for Richard’s intricate art.

Richard has presented his magic for over 37 years, with the first 15 years working worldwide on cruise ships, cabaret, and end of the pier summer seasons. Then between 2000 and 2020 in residency in two London theatres with ‘The Magic Cavern’ and ‘Welcome to the Magic Theatre’ projects. The pandemic years were spent back in the workshops creating all the projects that time did not allow.

With over 9 hours of family friendly magical content to choose from, all of which is hand made and themed, from large illusions to the smallest of pieces of magic. All presented with huge knowledge and enthusiasm and with the emphasis on fun and joy, whatever the age. Available for cruise ships headline shows and cabaret rooms, circus and theatre shows worldwide.


‘The Magic Cavern’

This family friendly interactive parlour style magic show set within a fantasy cave which ran for 1212 performances in London at the Barons Court Theatre. 
Running time 80 minutes. 

‘The Magic Toy Theatre and Orchestra’

A wonderful old prop of a toy theatre which sets the scene and theme for magic in miniature. Hand painted playing cards form the characters within the theatre, both onstage and off. The same painted cards for the instruments of the orchestra. A perfect show for a high end show attraction with the smallest of audiences of all ages sitting around the theatre with the magician storytelling and guiding the proceedings of how a theatre and orchestra work. This is a very unassuming charming interactive show, perfect for a family gathering. Magically, no spoilers, but the conductor has more than one trick up his sleeve. Stunning magic up close and created by the guests. 
Running time 80 minutes. 

‘The Fun Fair at The Magic Theatre’

A theatre show in the round, themed around the fairgrounds of yesteryear. A family friendly show with all the stalls and fairground games to play, hosted and encouraged by the magician. The end of the fun and games are filled with powerful magical revelations that have been interwoven throughout the mayhem of such fun and joy from playing at the Fairground. 
Running time 80 minutes. 

‘The Side Shows of Wonder’

A magic show in the round, with a set of family friendly ‘Sideshow’ enticements where a small group is guided along the exhibits by the magician and showman. Each chosen sideshow story is created through magic and is presented with huge knowledge, passion and fun for the audience who are either sat down in one place as the sideshows are presented in a theatre style presentation, or as a walk around event, stopping at each sideshow frontage for a glimpse of the history and fun our predecessors had around the world fairs. 
Running time 80 minutes.

‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’


A take over of a theatre for the Hallowe’en season. By the week ending the 31st October the magician has little voice left. Themed magic and games which explore the fun side of the Hallowe’en season and a perfect excuse for even more Side Show attractions, but this time of the more grizzly kind. This show is fun rather than scary. A very popular theatre show. It’s just a shame, it only has an outing once a year, with the rest of the time collecting dust, .. which possibly helps the stage set character and storytelling upon its next macabre outing. 
Running time 80 minutes. 

‘The Superstitious Magic Show’

A one off theatre show which I have presented on Friday 13th, as the theme is of the fascinating subject of superstition. It’s a lot deeper than the rest of the subjects within the repertoire, but the stories, very similar to the hidden darker side of the sideshow attractions presented are perfect for a magician to create magical routines around. Audiences are encouraged to break superstitions, both good, bad are explored and the contradictory area in between which I love and take great stance in balancing the stories. An interactive theatre show with some incredible magic of the darker side. And yet, still suitable for a family audience because of the personality of the presenter. 
Running time 80 minutes. 

‘The Magic Art Gallery

An addition to any of the above shows. My framed hand painted art is displayed in the foyer, corridors or in a separate room or gallery. Within the seasons of multiple shows scheduled, this art gallery is a magical teaser for what’s to come.  An ever changing and constant new works added into this gallery. In the past I have used this created gallery room to paint and meet with guests who maybe interested in seeing the artwork being added to a poster or future prop of which will eventually end up in presentation.

5 different headline shows of 80 minutes each, 1 art gallery, 1 magician. All themed around The British Seaside from yesteryear. 

‘Welcome to The Magic Theatre’

For all enquiries Contact Richard 

For ongoing insights into my props and artwork both old and new please do follow my work on Instagram. Welcome-to-the-Magic-Theatre. 


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