‘The Superstitious Magic Show’



A one off theatre show which I have presented on Friday 13th, as the theme is of the fascinating subject of superstition. It’s a lot deeper than the rest of the subjects within the repertoire, but the stories, very similar to the hidden darker side of the sideshow attractions presented are perfect for a magician to create magical routines around. Audiences are encouraged to break superstitions, both good, bad are explored and the contradictory area in between which I love and take great stance in balancing the stories. An interactive theatre show with some incredible magic of the darker side. And yet, still suitable for a family audience because of the personality of the presenter.

Let the Superstitious assemble! Here’s some top rate trickery for you.

Let’s not just celebrate luck and bad fortune on Friday 13th … They are so infrequent! (Luckily). This unusual magic show runs on this endless theme.

The beguiling Richard Leigh is your magician in residence with an equal mix of precision and fast – paced tricks. His stage magic is big and bold, This is a show that has more than the wave of the wand, with themed magic covering topics of superstition, good and bad luck.

A bubbling cauldron of myths and a conversation with a magician.

Duration: Theatre: 80 minutes. There is no interval.
Or split into modular 12 minute scenes for cruise ship contracts.

Best suitable for all those over 8 years of age.




Star rated out of 5

Had the pleasure of seeing this performer about a year ago and glad to go back to experience a Friday 13th show evolving around superstitions. A lot of fun although it was sad to see only 10 people in the audience as the performer had put a lot of effort into his show.

Ingrid Haug. 5 stars.


Intriguing. Very much enjoyed the audience participation take on it.

Cilla Berry. 4 stars


Fatastic magic show, very clever tricks!

Loly Kota-Loizou. 4 stars



‘Unlucky or Lucky 13’ routine

‘Lucky Numbers’ routine

Richard Leigh. Your host and storyteller ready to weave the superstitious themed magic.

‘Shoes upon the Table’ routine

‘Phobias and Superstitions’ routine

‘The Broken Mirror’ routine

‘Friday 13th’ routine

‘My fear and superstitions’ routine
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