‘The Magical Hats Exhibition’



An event created for ‘London Hat Week 2018’

By Jennifer Rowley, Richard Leigh and Jay Fortune

As part of London Hat Week 2018. An interactive exhibition of themed hats, art and performance magic using hats used by magicians of the past, present and future.

All interactive magic hats, futuristic hats, optical illusion hats and hats from the exquisite magical past are all hand created by award winning milliner Jennifer Rowley.

The interactive Side Show magic is presented by Richard Leigh. You can take part in ‘The Fortune Teller’s Hat’, ‘The Angel or Devil Hat’ and what is the image reflected in the ‘Anamorphic Hat’.

Jay Fortune combines iconic imagery of celebrated contemporary characters of a magical persuasion with his unique expressive style of art which completes this intimate exhibition of ‘The Magicians Hat’

Have a chance to see the exhibits up close and around the exhibition of wonderful hand crafted hats before the show and then take your seats for the performance. Each hat has a story of the Magician, past and present, or the Magicians tricks. Live magic is then performed within each story by Richard Leigh.

Each performance was limited to 15 people. The venue is intimate and has been a theatre of magic for the past 15 years in London.

Proceeds to the value of £474.89 were donated to charity. Through an incentive celebrating its 10th year pioneered by Jay and Richard called ‘Magic Moments’. All proceeds from this event went to Jennifer’s charity of choice which is the St Helena Hospice in Colchester, Essex.


Pedro Pereira (4/5)
Ioly Kotta-Loizou (5/5)

‘The Magician’s Hat – Barons Court Theatre
Fantastic little show in a nice cosy venue under a pub with good food. Fun and unusual, perfect for any magic fans or anyone looking for an unusual night out. You’ll learn about hats, magicians and will see magic tricks performed right in front of you.’

‘Second time I am attending a magic show at Baron’s Court Theatre and I was as hooked as the first one! Cosy venue, friendly magician, lots of pretty hats and amazing tricks. Definitely recommend!’