‘The Fun Fair at The Magic Theatre’


Show Description

A theatre show in the round, themed around the fairgrounds of yesteryear. A family friendly show with all the stalls and fairground games to play, hosted and encouraged by the magician. The end of the fun and games are filled with powerful magical revelations that have been interwoven throughout the mayhem of such fun and joy from playing at the Fairground. 

For this show, Master Magician and Showman Richard Leigh has created an intimate underground mystical playground – a realm of magic, illusion, games and intrigue that will transport you back to the odd-ball fairgrounds of yesteryear. 

A show for the whole family. ‘Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll up’ 

 All Side Show attractions and Fairground games are created through magic and illusion. There is plenty of audience participation in this immersive theatre show. Play tradition games such as ‘Hook a Duck’, ‘The Coconut Shy’, ‘Hoopla’ – ‘Odds/Evens to win’, ‘Darts, 21 to win or pin 3 cards to win’ and  can you fathom out the puzzle entitled ’13 Angels’ – great fun to bring the family or a group of friends together.

Are you the strongest person in the Fairground. Ring the bell to prove it. 

All is not what it seems though. Everything has a magical twist or surprise. 

Right down the centre of the fairground called ‘The Midway’ Richard introduces from this strange world a selection of olde fairground Side Shows. A selection from 52 to be precise.  

One of those Side Shows is an unusual and rare recreation of a piece of entertainment taken just from an old black and white photo postcard of a fairground from over 90 years ago and has certainly become one of Richards renowned maths extravaganzas entitled ‘The Fastest Mathematician’.

If you would like a mention for a birthday or a special occasion, then pass on details to Richard as you enter the theatre. 

Duration: Theatre: 80 minutes. There is no interval.
Or split into modular 12 minute scenes for cruise ship contracts.

This show is intimate and simply Good Fun. 



Audience Reviews

Star rated out of 5

‘Great show!! My son really enjoyed it. He was able to participate in various parts of the performance and we also learnt the history behind a summer occasion we take for granted, the fairground. The theatre space is small and intimate which I love!!! I look forward to seeing many more shows at this venue and particularly by this magician.’

Gemma Aigbe.   5 STARS


‘Regretfully this show was not very well attended, however this did not detract from the” magicians” enthusiasm for all the things the fairground would have attracted. Our grandchildren 5 and 7 loved it and engaged in the audience participation.’

Malcolm Chiswell.    4 STARS 


‘As a family we really enjoyed this show. The audience and children participation was great. We were amazed by his Mathematician… even the audience were not fast with their mobile calculator. He really put the children at ease and they love it.’

Nishma Aleksin-Shah.   4 STARS


‘when I arrived at the show it was nice to see some children already engaged in trying to solve the 13 angles trick, while waiting for the show to begin. I attended with my ten year old nephew who was welcomed by the magician and imediately joined the children in their problem solving activity. The show was overall thrilling with everybody attending feeling awestruck by the magicians slight of hand. The fact that all the audience members, including myself,were encouraged to take part in the various fairground tricks made it al the more enjoyable. I left with the feeling that I and my nephew would definitely return in the future for another show.’

Margaret Juji.   4 STARS


‘Such a fun family show in this quirky little theatre. We all loved the fairground theme and the audience engagement and participation. My three boys all asked to come back!’

Clare Bolton.   4 STARS


Production Photos

Hook a duck …. how can anyone resist.

The Ghost Train in miniature.
Come to the fairground and tell a ghost story on ‘The Ghost Train’
Part of the set, full of your favourite traditional fairground games to play.
As I said before, how can you resist.
Your host and magician in the fair ground, Richard Leigh
More games to play, more magic awaits.
This way to The Ghost Train
Play magical games of darts. Are you on the side of the audience which wins?
‘Roll Up, Roll Up, Try your luck
Traditional Fairground games to play. All with magical twists. This is such a fun show to watch and be part of.
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