‘The Side Shows Of Wonder


Welcome to the midway. A sideshow is an attraction for the curious. Richard Leigh has recreated some wonderful old stories from this fascinating world of the bizarre and has created some new stories for your delectable viewing pleasure.

A cavalcade of colourful magical delights presented by showman and magician Richard Leigh. A selection of magic cameos to entice you to enter the attractions of wonder. Recreations of some of the strange pieces of entertainment from the oddball fairgrounds and carnivals of yesteryear.

Say ‘hello’ to ‘The Imfamous Bearded Lady’. Throw in some coins and make a wish in ‘The Wishing Well’ Side Show. ‘Scream as the blade falls on ‘The French Guillotine’. Gasp at ‘The Human Pin Cushion’, Marvel at ‘The Fastest Mathematician’, Double take at the circus rendition of an old favourite illusion – ‘Metamorphosis’ and then for the bravest of the brave …. dare you go in to see ‘The Man Eating Chicken’.

All Side Show attractions are created through magic and illusion. This show is just pure and simple fun, for all ages.

Doors open fifteen minutes before each performance.
The performance duration is 1hr and 15minutes without an interval.