‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’



A take over of a theatre for the Hallowe’en season. By the week ending the 31st October the magician has little voice left. Themed magic and games which explore the fun side of the Hallowe’en season and a perfect excuse for even more Side Show attractions, but this time of the more grizzly kind. This show is fun rather than scary. A very popular theatre show. It’s just a shame, it only has an outing once a year, with the rest of the time collecting dust, .. which possibly helps the stage set character and storytelling upon its next macabre outing. 

A kooky and creaky magic theatre is the perfect place for all the family to celebrate Hallowe’en. 

Here at the Magic Theatre, we LOVE this time of the year, we wish it was Hallowe’en all the year round. But for a few days only each October Half Term chains rattle as a ghostly hand unlocks a section of our cave like theatre and start the Hallowe’en celebrations big style.

Families and friends gather in the dimly lit, creaky and kooky magic theatre to tell ‘Ghost Stories’. Your storyteller and host is magician Richard Leigh. 

 Traditional  Hallowe’en party games are played, all with a magical twist including apple bobbing without getting wet.

Tricks and Treats galore. 

Bring a good pair of lungs to scream and be amazed.

For those who are really brave enough to play the magical game of TRICK OR TREAT and risk the forfeit of doom, then please let the ghostly theatre manager know when you arrive.

‘Scream if you want to go faster. Welcome to the fun fear’

Arrive in Fancy Dress Costumes and with your face painted is encouraged. 

This show is ideally aimed at the entire family over 7 years of age.

Duration: Theatre: 80 minutes. There is no interval.
Or split into modular 12 minute scenes for cruise ship contracts.



Star rated out of 5

A wonderful show, Richard Leigh is unbelievabley good. So clever, the teenagers loved it! We will be back. Venue is great too, a lovely pub upstairs and the hidden gem of a theatre below. Go, you wonâ€TMt regret it!

Annoymous (5/5)  5 Stars


I am sooo booking this again! Spectacular family show. I will recommend left right and centre!

Me and my 8YO child were thoroughly entertained for every second of the show. The magician is brilliant, funny and creative. I didn’t even notice the venue!

Julia Palasinska (5/5)  5 stars


Great show, for kids and adults,,one of the best of that kind. My daughter and I enjoyed very much. I will definitely come again.

Svetlana Lesnevskaya (5/5)  5 stars

Reviews from 2017 season

Superb outing with friend’s kids (8 and 10) and one hour and a half went so quickly as kids’ participation as well as adults added to the value of proactive matine performace and the kids and I enjoyed it immensely, and they couldn’t believe when I told them it lasted almost 1 hr and a half – time went so quickly and enjoyable too – we concluded. It was the first time I went to this theatre and no doubt will repeat the visit. Many thanks for the outstanding entertainment 10/10!

Tessa Tesic. 5 stars.


My 12 year old grandsons give this show 5 stars. “One of the best shows I’ve ever seen”. The show is very interactive and had many tricks that kept everyone (even the adults) wondering. As the theatre is very small everyone had a chance to participate in the action. Great fun for all the kids.

Deborah Peel. 4 stars


A great show, enjoyed equally by me and my daughter (7). As the title says – it’s spooky rather than scary – so safe for ages. The tricks will baffle the young and old alike and there’s just the right amount of audience participation. Another lovely show in this tiny by atmospheric venue.

Nathan and Lucy Williams. 5 stars



We love the Hallowe’en season here at the Magic Theatre. It’s just a shame it only comes round once a year.

The ghostly shadow at the theatre door becomes real. Your magician and host has arrived.

Your host, magician and ghostly story teller Richard Leigh

’Welcome to The Spooky Magic Theatre’ … it’s spooky, creaky and kooky, not scary.

Come on in and join Richard in telling ghost stories. Magically.

Chains rattle as you try your luck and play cards with a ghostly hand.
Your chances of winning are …. slim

For those who enter the theatre with a vivid imagination you will see ghosts.

The Mirror is a good place to start.

Yes, those eyes did follow you. It’s a magic theatre. These things do happen …

Traditional games are played, included a magical game of ‘Apple Bobbing’ without getting wet.
Where ever you turn there is another magical surprise. It’s just a head, there is nobody there.

A very special magic apple from the apple bobbing game earlier.

What ghost story did you choose by the way ….

Knock knock …. ‘Trick or Treat’

Are you brave enough to play this magical game of ‘Trick or Treat’ at The Magic Theatre

And risk the ‘forfeit of doom’ should you hit trick rather than treat …

The forfeits written by our audiences are often outrageous. No one knows which forfeit is chosen for the game in play. Great fun.

Traditional fun for the Hallowe’en season encouraged by your host Richard Leigh and as everything here in the Magic Theatre, every story is linked to some incredible magic.

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