Welcome to The Magic Theatre

Scheduling venues of 50 – 100 seats, worldwide from September 2019.

‘Welcome to The Magic Theatre’

A lifetimes work and a full week of different theatrical magic shows for the whole family, hand crafted, created and presented by the beguiling magician, Richard Leigh.

A different magic show each day.

‘The Side Shows of Wonder’

A selection of recreations of olde Side Show attractions created by magic and presented by Richard Leigh.

‘The Magic Symphony’

A stunning close up magic show with the theme of the orchestra and set in a fully working model theatre. Presented by Richard Leigh. Your host and magician is Richard Leigh.

‘The FunFair at The Magic Theatre’

A wonderful magic show full of audience participation set in the odd ball fair grounds of yesteryear. Your chief barker and host is Richard Leigh.

‘The Spooky Magic Theatre’

Here at The Magic Theatre it is Hallowe’en all the year round. Traditional games and spooky magic for all the family. ‘Scream if you want to go faster’. Presented by story teller and magician Richard Leigh.

‘Cave 13 – The Superstitious Magic Show’

A magic show which is perfect for FRIDAY 13th. Incredible magic with the endless themes of Good and Bad Luck and endless stories of Superstition. Presented by Richard Leigh.

‘The Magic Cavern’

Created by Richard Leigh for ‘The Barons Court Theatre’ in London, a cave like underground hidden treasure of a fringe theatre and of which has become London’s long running magic show. Richard is currently in his 16th year with this show at Barons Court, and continues onwards. A perfect family magic show.

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